Basic Info

1-7 August 2018
Korfes, 71500, Crete, Greece
All of us - with some special guests

Participant Testimonials

”La conférence EUDEC 2014 a chamboulé ma vie. L'éducation démocratique a tellement résonné avec mes convictions personnelles que j'ai décidé d'y dédier ma vie. Depuis, j'ai cofondé une école, contribué à la création de EUDEC France, cofondé un village démocratique, et surtout rencontré la femme de ma vie avec qui nous élevons notre fils de la manière la plus démocratique qui soit 😉

The EUDEC conference 2014 completely changed my life. Democratic education matched so well with my convictions that I decided to dedicate my life to it. Since then I co-founded a school, contributed to the creation of EUDEC France, co-founded a democratic village, and most of all, I met the woman of my life with whom we raise our son in the most democratic way possible 😉 (Copenhagen, 2014)”


Ramïn Farhangi, EUDEC France, Village de Pourgues

”I have participated in each EUDEC since 2012 and i am completely in love with this event. It showed me a different approach to education and provided an opportunity to develop wonderful friendships. The best thing about it is that it not only preaches values of democratic education, but also puts them into practice with the open space system. Everyone co-creates this conference and is free to participate in any way they want. My time during EUDECs was always full of philosophy, playing frisbee and dancing. It is a great way to have inspiring holidays ”


Michał Sienicki, EUDEC Poland

”Expérience inouie ! Riche en émotion, humainement très belle. Des moments de partages de vie uniques et authentiques. Merci.

Incredible experience ! Emotionally rich & humanly so beautiful. Unique and authentic life-sharing moments. Thank you. (Paris, 2017)”


Anne-Sophie Massi, EUDEC France

”The 2011 conference in Devon was a life-changing event for me. It is hard to describe in words the feeling of elation that I finally found 'my' people, a place where I can be myself and my voice matters.”


Stelios, EUDEC Greece

”C'est d'la bombe bèbèh! Une semaine à manger du tofu avec des gens complètement fou de liberté, de démocratie, d'émancipation, de libre-arbitre, de responsabilité. Apprentissages, joie, partage, rencontre, ouverture d'esprit et échange toutes les 20 minutes en moyenne. J'ai rencontré mes idoles, j'en ai trouvé de nouvelles.

The EUDEC conference 2017 (Paris) was bombastic baby !! One week spent eating tofu with people completely found of freedom, democracy, emancipation, free-will, responsibility. Learning, enjoying, sharing, meeting new open-minded people every 20 minutes on average. I met my idols & found new ones. (Paris, 2017)”


Aminata Diallo, EUDEC France, co-founder École Yvonne Guégan, in Caen

”My first EUDEC was the latest in France. It was the most energizing event I have ever attended. It creates a great social environment of conversation and discussion. I met so many people, from all walks of life, who share my love for democratic education. I am so grateful that EUDEC exists!”


Alektra Kess ,

”Avoir été volontaire pour ma première Conférence EUDEC à Paris en 2017 a été une expérience qui a changé ma vie ! J'ai adoré à la fois contribuer activement et construire de nouvelles amitiés au coeur d'une communauté si riche et diverse. Les bonnes ondes que tu peut ressentir dans une Conférence EUDEC sont à peine imaginable 🙂

Volunteering for my first EUDEC Conference in Paris 2017 was a life-changing experience ! I loved both contributing actively and building new friendships in such a diverse and rich community. The good vibes you can feel in a EUDEC Conference are barely imaginable :)”


Pierre-André Balestrieri, EUDEC France

”Résumer la semaine parisienne en 2 ou 3 phrases ? Heu, comment dire... C'était tellement riche !

How to sum up the Parisian week in 2 or 3 sentences ? Hum, what to say... It was so rich ! (Paris 2017)”


Vanina Roques, EUDEC France

”La famille s'est agrandie ! Et le cœur aussi.

The family has grown ! And the heart as well. (Paris 2017)”


Jessie Hecquet, EUDEC France

”Ça a été particulièrement chouette de rencontrer les acteurs de l'éducation démocratique des autres pays : aborder les choses de points de vue légèrement différent, et profiter de l'expérience de ceux qui exercent depuis de nombreuses années!

It was particularly nice to meet people from other countries involved in democratic education : it helps considering things from a slightly different point of view, and you can really benefit from what some have been experiencing for years ! (Paris, 2017)”


Cécile Prokop, EUDEC France, co-founder École Sudbury Lilloise - Project in Lille

”Une semaine riche de rencontres, de partage, de réflexions, de conviction... Tellement de belles personnes et de belles énergies que l'on repart boosté, prêt à relever de nouveaux défis pour l'éducation démocratique ! A ne pas manquer !

A week rich in encounters, convictions, ideas... There are so many beautiful people & beautiful energy that you leave boosted, ready to face new challenges for democratic education ! It's worth it ! (Paris, 2017)”


Christelle Alaux, EUDEC France, co-founder École Créactive, in Montauban

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Welcome to EUDEC2018

Every Year

For ten years now, hundreds of students, teachers, parents and “experts” in the field of education  gather as equals at the European Democratic Education Conference, searching for ways to improve the quality of learning and school life in general. In a warm, friendly, open environment, each one of us can bring whatever they may want to share. This can be an experiential workshop in Non-Violent Communication, a circle discussion titled “Learning from our mistakes”, a panel of speakers on “What is Democracy?”, a giant game of hide and seek… Join us to laugh, sing, philosophize, ponder, question, get inspired, change and create together.

Let’s live together in a temporary democratic community, where children and adults can ask ourselves what type of education we want, exchanging useful practices with people who have a lot of experience in free and democratic educational settings. With the power of solidarity:

“The more beautiful world,
our hearts know,
is possible”

Charles Eisenstein
*”Die schönere Welt, die unser Herz kennt, ist möglich”

Watch Cinevangelos Video from EUDEC2017 in Paris

This Year

The conference will take place at the very hospitable village Korfes in Crete, 1-7 of August! The speeches, workshops, games and warm conversations of the community will be surrounded by a traditional Greek scenery of unique natural beauty.

One of the highlights of this year’s conference will be a daytrip to Karteros on the 7th of August, the departure day.

Conference goals:

  • To bring together all initiatives on alternative education in Greece.
  • To open the discussion on children’s rights in education.
  • To link education to social organization and facilitate a manifesto of social emancipation.
  • To contribute towards redefining democracy and imbuing democratic values.
  • To foster international and interclass networking.
  • To create open educational structures available to minorities, through cooperative initiatives.
  • To collect resources for the creation of a long term program introducing democratic methods in public schools.

Keynote Speakers

*Click on the speaker’s name for bio and talk description
** Hover over photo for videos or links
***Missing translations, descriptions & more speakers coming soon

Demokratische Schule X
Demokratische Schule X
A Beginner's Guide to Democratic Education
Anastasia Vafea
Anastasia Vafea
Rachel Roberts
Rachel Roberts
The (impossible?) art of being human and not influencing others
Derry Hannam
Derry Hannam
The Fourth Industrial Revolution, innovation and social inclusion - Why we need Democratic Education!
Freya Aquarone
Freya Aquarone
Let's make the ‘establishment' more scared of us
Angelos Patsias
Angelos Patsias
Another education, starting tomorrow!
Zoe Burgess
Zoe Burgess
The importance of personal choice
Yaacov Hecht
Yaacov Hecht
Democratic Education 2.0 – the global shift from a Pyramid Paradigm to a Network Paradigm
Mikros Dounias (Little World)
Mikros Dounias (Little World)
How to handle discrimination within the community: Recognizing & fighting adultism
Mikro Dentro (Litttle Tree)
Mikro Dentro (Litttle Tree)
How to handle discrimination within the community: Gender, body and sexuality in childhood
Nana Hatzi
Nana Hatzi
Summerhill School: Its message to the world
Peter Hartkamp
Peter Hartkamp
Children are humans too: Human Rights in a Sudbury school
Aspasia Kalisora
Aspasia Kalisora
Students experiences from 3-years democratic school life in Argyroupolis Primary School, Rethymno-Crete & Freinet Pedagogy in Greek Public Schools

EUDEC2018 Schedule

You can see the conference schedule by clicking on the following link:


Next to the planned key note speeches, the biggest and most vivid part of the conference consists of the workshops, discussion rounds and games of the OPEN SPACE program. These can be either spontaneous or planned. All participants can offer and /or request activities/workshops. So, every day there will be numerous happenings simultaneously, about which you may be informed by the massive boards provided at the conference. 

The Open Program will be added to with further offers by participants every day throughout the Conference. These additions will be shown ONLY on the Boards at the Conference.

  • You can conduct as many workshops as you want. They can be repeated, or you may wanna run a series of workshops over a couple of days.
  • It is worth starting the workshop with a short introduction, so that people can check if it is what they expected and decide if they still want to join.
  • Similarly, when you join a workshop, you can leave at any time if it doesn’t capture your interest. You do not have to explain anything – just do it discreetly. The result is a workshop full of genuinely interested participants.
  • If only two people show up at a workshop, it will be a great opportunity to get to know each other better. If thirty people come together, there will probably be greater diversity and interesting questions.
  • It might take a while for you to get used to this approach, but once you do, you will feel the “flow” of the conference.

Furthermore, this year throughout the conference, EN EUDEC will provide workshops, performances and other events for all ages including babies and infants (accompanied or not). Our tools are theatrical alchemy, creative circus, dance, acrobatics, improvisation, music, song, puppet and object theater, fine arts and crafts, storytelling and games.

We want to encourage you to lead a workshop (or other) and share with the community good practices, knowledge, questions, playfulness or anything else! If you already have an idea, you can send a description to and he will put it on the schedule for people to see.


Any profit from the conference and from any of our projects is used to:

  • Provide volunteer positions, scholarships and discounts for the conference and for our pilot and co-operative programs.
  • The establishment and operation of educational structures (formal and informal education, within and beyond the public sector) in Greece.


The Venue

Due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a change of venue. There is nothing to worry about, as the conference dates and program will remain exactly the same (1-7 August +  the opportunity to stay camped there until the 10th of August) and the new venue is even closer to Heraklion port/airport.

A few words about Korfes Village (the new Venue)…

Korfes is a village in the Municipality of Malevizi in Heraklion Prefecture. According to the 2011 census there are 293 inhabitants in Korfes. The name of the village (korfes=mountain peaks in Greek) derives from its location between seven hills. The village is located 15 km from the nearest beach, Ammoudara. Main occupation of the villagers is wine cultivation and olive growing and their products, raisin and olive oil.

The village oak (photo) has been declared a protected natural monument. It is a hundreds years old and it possesses a peculiar aesthetic and botanic value, connected with historical events in the area.

nearest airport: Heraklion (about 30 min by car – 25 km to the venue)
nearest port: Heraklion (around 30 min by car – 25 km to the venue)
nearest beach: around 30 min (25 km) to the beaches of north Crete and 45 min (35 km) to the beaches of south Crete.

  • Restaurant - Entrance
    Oak Tree

Car Pooling

For those of you who might wanna share a ride, we made this document.


One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world!  Amazing food, beautiful beaches, excellent hiking and so much more…

We will try to organize some post-conference activities, but we encourage explore yourself. My personal favourite is Kedrodasos (i.e. cedar forest), one of the latest untouched paradises in Europe, located on the other side of Crete!

– If you zoom in the map below you will see the exact location of Korfes Village



71500, Crete


You cand send it to us using our contact form and if others have the same we will provide an answer here.
The transportation from the airport and port towards Korfes will happen as follows: 30. 7.2018: a 50 seater bus at the Airport of Heraklion at 21:30 (Port at 21.45) 31.7.2018 a 30 seater bus will pick people up from the Airport of Heraklion at 17:00 (Port at 17.15) a 50 seater bus will pick people up from the Airport of Heraklion at  21:30 (Port at 21.45) 1.8.2018 50 seater buses will pick people up from the Airport of Heraklion at 10:30 (Port at 10.45),  16:00 (Port at 16.15), 20:30 (Port at 20.45), 23.30 (Port at 23.45) The transportation from Korfes on the departure day will happen as follows: 7.8.2018 A 50 seater bus will pick people up from Korfes to the Airport (with a stop at the Port) at 7:30. Two 50 seater buses will pick people up from Korfes to Krateros Beach at 8:30. The same buses will wait there with the luggages inside and pick the same people up and drive them to the airport (with a stop at the port) at 12:00. Two 50 seater buses will pick people up from Korfes to Krateros Beach at 9:00. Two 50 seater buses will drive people back to the camping area at 13:30.