Bio – Yaacov Hecht

Yaacov founded, 30 years ago, the Democratic School in Hadera, Israel – the first school in the world called a “Democratic School”.

In 1993, he initiated IDEC that facilitated the establishment of hundreds of innovative democratic schools around the globe, 30 of them in Israel.

In 1996, he founded IDE – the Institute for Democratic Education. As part of Yaccov’s work in IDE, he opened the first academic program for training of democratic education teachers in Israel’s leading college of education. Then, he opened a graduate program in Democratic Education in Tel Aviv University. In 2007, Yaacov initiated the Pioneer training program for innovative and groundbreaking school principals.

In 2010 Yaacov started Education Cities – the Art of Collaborations

In January 2017, Education Cities was chosen by the Finnish project HundrED, as one of the leading education initiatives in the world.

Yaacov regards the preparing and directing of the educational system towards the future as his main mission today.

He lives in Hadera, he is married and has 4 sons.

Talk Description – Democratic Education 2.0: the global shift from a Pyramid Paradigm to a Network Paradigm

Different is beautiful – how do these words connect to life in a rapidly changing world, to the need to protect and nurture democratic culture?

The talk will deal with some possible answers to this question –

Democratic education as the missing piece in the complicated puzzle, which is the democratic state.

The need to move from teaching based schools to learning based schools.

The talk will include “hot from the oven” stories about innovative education projects that are happening now in Israel and around the world.