We envision a wide-scale change in education, where trust in the young person runs through his/her everyday life, where decisions are made through democratic processes and where mental health and community-based relationships are the priority, rather than grades and titles.

Here you can see our plan of action as formed thus far. It ranges from movie projections and discussions to founding democratic schools. We are interested to talk with parents and collaborate with public and private schools. We are open to proposals and ask for your active involvement. By pressing the links in the sections below, you can find more information about the projects that are already completed or in the process of being realised.

Founding an Association

Due to the lack of a relevant association in our country, we propose the creation of a network for existing ventures in Greece,  in order to bring to light  the alternative educational structures that are collectively, regardless of approach, an alternative, so as to change the legal status concerning the right of freedom in education choice.

In addition to networking existing ventures, we invite students, parents and teachers who are in favor of free choice to join the association.

We are arguing for a pedagogical environment where EVERY child can discover and recognize her essence, her needs, her skills and her difficulties, and in general to acquire the tools to use in full potential according to their individual needs; in the direction of feeling right among her fellows. That is, to develop self-regulation, critical thinking, empathy, solidarity, respect for life / the environment and the ability to reinvigorate her life as many times as necessary. An inclusive environment for regardless of sex orientation and for ALL children who would like it: Whether children are “different in nature”, “charismatic” or “with special educational needs”, “neurotic” or “disabled.” An open structure which teaches cohabitation with and respect for diversity and life itself in every form.

 If you wish to become a (founding) member of this association, please answer the questionnaire we have composed.

Promotion and Practice

Our Projects


Conference Participation

Working Groups – Get Involved

We want to unite our forces and let each one of us work in the area of his/her particular interest.
With this rationale, we created this team map listing all the individual working groups. By clicking on one of the teams you are heading to the Trello platform of EUDEC Greece, where the work of each team is organized. We would be delighted if you actively helped a team and / or create a team that you think is missing.

*If you do not have a Google account to join a Trello platform, please send us (from your personal email) your name and contact details (tel, area) noting the name or names of the groups you are interested in to with the title: “Trello”