Bio – Mikros Dounias

Mikros Dounias is an educational project on the Greek island of Lesvos. Every day, local and refugee children of early childhood age play and learn together in the small forest of the open refugee camp Lesvos Solidarity. We, the parents, the educators and the children of Mikros Dounias, organize our learning processes collectively, beyond any form of discrimination. We respect the rhythm, the needs and desires of each person by encouraging freedom of choice and self-regulation. Outdoor learning brings us closer to the creatures and the elements of nature, reinforcing our relations to everything around us.

Talk Description – How to handle discrimination within the community: Recognizing & fighting adultism

Adultism is a form of discrimination, an -ism, that has not been the subject of social discourse or claims and that is barely established in our consciences. The term stands for the discrimination of children on the grounds of their young age.

The essence of adultism is the differentiated treatment of minors, deriving from judgements based on their age and not on their actual capabilities. Expressions of adultism can be detected both on interpersonal and structural level (minors’ political, social, civil, cultural, economic rights) – and of course in education.

What are some severe consequences of adultism? What can we do, in order to be conscious about it and limit its presence? We will be very happy to share with you our knowledge on the topic after one year of experience in Mikros Dounias.