Bio – Freya Aquarone

Freya had a fairly unusual educational journey: she attended ‘normal’ primary schools until the age of 10 and then spent two years at Summerhill (the pioneering democratic school in Suffolk founded by A.S. Neill in 1921) where she spent most of her time climbing trees, being in plays, and doing algebra. After Summerhill, Freya was home-educated for five years before attending sixth form to take her A Levels – her first experience of sitting national exams. During her gap year, Freya visited Palestine and spent four months volunteering at the Al Kamandjati music school in the West Bank. She has been back to Palestine twice since to work on music outreach projects. These experiences have affirmed her interest in teaching as well as her beliefs about the powerful role of the arts in both political and personal expression. Freya graduated from the University of Cambridge with a degree in sociology in June 2016. She has spent the last two years working in sociological research, volunteering in a PRU (a school for children who have been permanently excluded), and doing short teaching placements in different democratic schools to learn from their approach and practice. Freya has just been awarded an ESRC-funded studentship to pursue an MA followed by a PhD (which will focus on democratic education) at King’s College London, starting this September. Freya lives in Norfolk, England.

Talk Title – Let’s make the ‘establishment’ more scared of us.