Bio – Angelos Patsias

Initiated the “School of Nature and Colours” project in a state primary school on the mountainside of Crete; an educational role model of creative self-management, in which pupils are taught beyond the curriculum – among other things – how to sing and dance, stage theatrical plays, raise funds for their school through a vegetable garden and make their activities and campaigns known to the public through their blog and online channel. His aim is “to launch various innovative activities that will help create a new educational system that will meet the specific needs of each and every place”. Currently running “BIG BANG: a new Educational Organization. Re-designing Education for an era of exponential technologies, innovation and change. Unlocking the real potential of Humanity and transforming a new global generation into the creators of the future. Upgrading Humanity! “And teaching how to redesign the school reality at the University of the Aegean.

Talk Description: Another education, starting tomorrow!

We live in a time when the exponential growth of technology is changing the world at an incredibly fast pace. What is the role/place of education in this change? what are the needs of the future of mankind and how easy is it to go into a new educational model? can this change start tomorrow? More to come in EUDEC 2018