Biography – Aspasia Kalisora

During the last 13 years, Aspasia has been a teacher at an elementary public school. Utilising the concepts of “Art and Democracy” as basic methodological tools of the educational process and through the institution of school assemblies, she has created a school context where children’s freedom of expression is fully respected and constitutes an indispensable condition of participatory learning / collective life.

During  2014-2017, at the Elementary school of Argyroupoli, Rethymnon in Crete, she applied the idea of the General School Assembly, where pupils and teachers participated equally in the decision-making process. Experiencing their school life actively as “minor citizens”, the children were inspired and created two films, “Democracy in Schools” and “It takes only one child to change everything”, wishing to spread the message for a democratic school. The animated film “Democracy in Schools” received the Children Ombudsman Award for Children’s Rights at the 20th International Olympia Film Festival for Young People and Children.

This year, 2017-2018, with her previous experience at that school, she is attempting to spread and implement the institution of the General School Assembly at a public school of Athens.

Since 2016 she has been an active member of the Pedagogical Team “Skasiarhio – . Experimental palpabilities for a Community School “aimed at spreading Freinet Pedagogy in Greek public schools.

At the same time, she completed her postgraduate studies under “Culture and Human Development” of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Crete. Subject of her diploma thesis were the experiments of anti-authoritarian education in Greece after the fall of the Greek ‘junta’, which are now officially recorded for the first time, including the private anti-authoritarian elementary school “To Ergastiri” (The Workshop).

These days, as a doctoral candidate and having the anti-authoritarian education as her main academic research subject, she continues the research and study of similar educational and teaching projects in the Greek territory of the respective period, aiming at redefining a democratic education where the children will be “the  protagonists”.


Talk Description – Experiencing Democracy in Action

Student children of the 5th and 6th grade (2016-2017) of Argyroupolis Primary School of Rethymnon, present their films “Democracy in Schools” and “It takes only one child to change everything” and discuss how they experienced the concept of direct democracy for three whole years in their school life.

Presentation of the pilot project on the implementation of Freinet Pedagogy in Greek public schools. Pedagogical Team “Skasiarhio –  Experimental palpabilities for a community school “.